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How is it taken?

With just 1 tablet or a shot of Blix Booster 30 minutes before any demanding physical activity or intimate encounter, you'll have the strength and energy needed to perform at your best.

Can I take Blix if I'm consuming any type of alcoholic beverage?

Yes, as it is composed of 100% natural ingredients, Blix has no contraindications when mixed with alcoholic beverages.

What happens if I take Blix and don't have sex?

Your body receives a shot of energy and endurance that you can use in other physical activities. If you remain at rest, nothing will happen either.

Does it also work for exercise?

Yes! The combination of its components makes Blix a great energizer that improves your performance, physical condition, mood, and concentration.

Can I consume Blix on an empty stomach?

The recommendation to fully enjoy its benefits is not to consume it on an empty stomach.

Can I consume Blix every day?

Yes! Being a natural product full of vitamins, it will help improve your performance and have health benefits. For daily use, we recommend "Liquid Blix."